Digital Transformation Services using Emerging Technologies

Helping our clients get to market faster & grow revenue using digital transformation solutions utilizing open-source and emerging technologies.

Are you looking for architecture guidance on how to build better performing distributed applications faster & cheaper? Do you need to increase digital channels using web, mobile, and APIs? If you are ready to transform your business, book a call here to discuss your unique situation

Emerging Technologies Digital Transformation Workshop

Learn how APIs and Reactive Systems can dramatically improve and accelerate your Digital Transformation Strategy
Unleash the power of emerging & innovative technologies such as APIs, Play Framework, Akka and Kafka
Workshop Details

Technology Toolbox

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Reactive Systems

Providing expertise and professional services in the areas of Reactive Architecture and programming and Fast Data, Thought leadership and extensive experience working Akka, Play, Kafka, Apache Spark, Streams and Lagom. We are a partner of Lightbend technologies and provide professional services and referral services for the Lightbend technologies, check our media page for more.

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Custom Solutions

Our core expertise is in building distributed, responsive, and resilient applications faster. We help our customers by migrating their systems from monolithic legacy Java enterprise and Java virtual machine based environments to reactive systems. Our specialty is in Microservices, fast data and data streams processing.

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API Management

Providing expertise and professional services in the area of API Management, focusing on services related to product lifecycle, proof of concept, implementation, vendor selection process, covering gateway, policies, SLA, analytics and developer portal requirements. Extensive vendor experience, working with major API management vendors such as Apigee, check our media page for more.

Our Partners

Partnership with Lightbend

Logic Keepers is very pleased to announce our partnership with Lightbend. Lightbend is an industry leader in Reactive Architecture and development space. They provide an application and systems development platform for building distributed applications and modernizing aging infrastructures. Using microservices and fast data on message-driven runtime, Lightbend architecture enables customers’ applications to scale effortlessly on multi-core and cloud computing architectures.

Logic Keepers helps by expanding the reactive platform footprint and enables our clients to power through the challenging journey of digital transformation and application modernization.

Logic Keepers provides creative solutions based on Lightbend’s production supported technologies, including Akka, Lagom and Play framework.

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Custom Software Solutions

Leading Industry Technology

Logic Keepers uses state of the art open-source technology stacks, supported by production support subscription from leading open-source companies such as Lightbend.

Our Proven Process for Creating Custom Software

Logic Keepers embraces the agile development methodology and incorporates client’s feedback in every step of the way.

The SDLC (software development life cycle) includes the following steps:

  • Requirements gathering phase: identifying the problem domains and building high-level goals
  • Conceptualize high-level solutions, identify milestones and opportunities, and create a tentative statement of work (SOW) and seek consensus and approval for the SOW
  • Create an agile project plan: identifying epic milestones, sprints, deliverables and tasks
  • Begin to develop application, solution and system architectures
  • Deliver sprints and milestones
  • Integration testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Solution training and closure feedback
  • System warranty and defects fixing period

This rigorous process ensures the highest quality outcome for your solution. Most projects take approximately 8-12 weeks to complete, depending on the nature and required features, with reviews and feedback loops baked into the process.

Our Team

Experience You Can Trust

Our developers, known around the office as “Logic Keepers”, utilize cutting edge technology to create the best application for your business needs. We bring 25+ years of experience in custom software development to your project. Our development team is US based, no outsourcing here, to maintain the utmost quality and integrity.

Our Success Depends on Yours

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Simplicity and Transparency Are at Our Core

Our customers are partners and our success depends on your continuing success. Our agile delivery model incorporates an early how-to and mentoring process. We involve your architecture and developers early in the game without negatively impacting the delivery timeline by embedding decision point and multiple delivery cycle workshops.

Our Engagement Model

Project Outsourcing

Outsource your digital business functions to a competent, local outsourcing team. We deliver the functionality while mentoring your resources. We use Reactive Architecture and Programming based technologies and are partnered with one of top leaders in that space to provide you with a production grade deliverable.

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Architecture Workshop

Depending on your solution goals, we design our workshops to produce a certain set of objectives,including but not limited to; high-level architecture and design, orientation and mentoring, and an essential list of next steps and road-map.

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Proof of Concept

We offer end-to-end solutions architecture and development outsourcing. This eliminates the risk of using new emerging technologies stacks by using our own battle-tested frameworks, taking out the guesswork and lengthy learning curve.

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Vendor Selection Process

We assist with eliminating the lengthy vendor selection process in the areas of emerging technologies and API management by using our repetitive and battle tested process. Our extensive experience working with API vendors is harnessed to guide you through that labor intensive process.

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Logic Keepers supports a variety of industries with focus on service providers such as Consulting, Real-estate, Marketing & Media agencies, Recruiting, social collaboration and collaboration networks and retail & e-commerce. Contact us to see how we can help your business!

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Time and Cost

Delivery time relies heavily on the individual project’s complexity and the required goals, tasks, and roles involved. Preparation time typically varies from two to six weeks, so early engagement allows for your project to be handled with priority. Our simple cost model is an effort-hours based billing model that is determined and calculated by the project requirements.