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Logic Keepers at API World 2018, Building Distributed Systems in the Cloud

October, 2018

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The API World conference, Microservices track focused on adopting design first approach to build Microservices, our CTO Mark Makary talk; focused on building distributed systems in the Cloud using Reactive Architecture, Kubernetes and Akka clusters.

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Reactive Ways is coming to the DFW Area

April 6, 2018

Logic Keepers, along with Lightbend are bringing Reactive technologies and architecture talks to the DFW Area, enabling our DFW talent to discuss and learn Reactive in a friendly and a collaborative setup. You'll hear from our CTO, Mark Makary and special Lightbend guest speakers such as Duncan DeVore and Kiki Carter.

Please visit to RSVP and learn more about this exciting events.

DZone Microservices Research Guide

Logic Keepers is pleased to announce that our CTO, Mark Makary Coauthored the DZone Microservices Research Guide.

Direct link here.

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Moving Beyond REST

October 11, 2017

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The API World conference provided a good deal of advice and direction for those interested in taking their monolithic software architectures toward a more distributed, microservices-based architecture, particularly in regard to microservices messaging protocols.

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The Reactive Summit 2017 Summary Report

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